Snow Removal

Red Deer Snow Removal

If you are looking for a professional snow removal company you have come to the right place. Contact Pebble Pushers Gravel Co. to prepare for winter snow removal season. We can plow your roads, driveways and parking lots as well as haul away the snow piles that are sure to accumulate. We service many places in Central Alberta, including Red Deer, Blackfalds, and many others. No space is too large or too small! If you need some help with snow removal, feel free to give us a call.

Commercial Snow Plowing and Removal

Seasonal contracts are available for commercial customers. We have extensive experience in clearing parking lots and property access points in time to let your employees and customers get to your premises. We can also haul away any existing piles of snow, as required. Contact us for information about emergency plowing availability.

Residential Snow Clearing

With more and more residential acreages across Alberta, there is a lot of need for pushing snow for homes. We are able to clear your driveway and parking area to ensure safe access to your house. We offer one-time service options, and seasonal contracts.

Oilfield Site Snow Plowing

We have the tickets and experience required to clear snow from oilfield locations. If you need access to a battery or well site, we are just a call away. Contact our office for details on our compliances and safety programs.

We are Qualified and Experienced

Pebble Pushers Gravel Co. has been serving Central Alberta for many years, so you will be dealing with experienced operators and reliable equipment. We also employ qualified people so that you can rest assured your snow issues will be cleared up quickly and properly.

We are committed to our customers. We take proper care of our clients, not only providing excellent consumer service, but also understanding our consumers so well such that in the long run we are able to anticipate and fulfill their needs. We are a licensed and insured so that you know you are dealing with professionals.

No space is too large or too small! If you need some help with snow removal, feel free to contact us today.