Pebble Pushers Gravel Company Septic System Design & Installation Services


Thanks to the knowledge of the licensed experts from Pebble Pushers Gravel Co., you can have the perfect septic system installed in no time. Our aim is to make the septic system installation process as easy as possible for our customers in the Red Deer area and throughout Central Alberta. All septic systems are designed specifically for your property and the unique soil conditions it has. At Pebble Pushers we use the best septic tank suppliers and field componentry available in the market to ensure top-notch quality.

Septic systems are implemented for commercial, residential and industrial buildings that are not connected to public waste water systems. The septic systems function is to receive and treat sewage. Afterwards, the treated effluent returns into the groundwater system. When they are designed and installed properly, septic systems are capable of treating the waste stream to a very high extent, and then returns clean water to the ground.

Certified Septic Design

Pebble Pushers is a certified Alberta Septic System installer. We have the expertise and training to create your septic system to specification, thus ensuring a quality installation with minimal impact to the environment. We are able to provide the complete installation of the system, or only excavation services. We also take care of all of the permitting required.

Alberta regulations state that septic systems need to be designed by a certified designer. Pebble Pushers employ professionals that will deliver a world-class solution for your property. Once the ideal system for your site is outlined, taking into account your needs and specific soil conditions, we provide the full installation of the system. The combination of quality design and proper installation ensure that all inspections are going to be passed and that you are in possession of a system that will provide years of reliable service.

Pebble Pushers offer two types of septic system options. The septic field system, which consists of a septic tank and the septic field is more commonly used. The holding tank system, which consists of just the tank itself is used when a septic field is not able to be made.

Septic Fields 

A septic field system is composed of two parts – on the one hand, the tanks and septic field, and on the other hand, the area of the ground where the effluent is drained. The tanks and septic field serve to treat the sewage, while the area of the ground where the treated sewage goes is the disposal aspect of the process. A suitable septic system will consider each part equally, as both are very important. A poor design will lead to larger issues down the road.

At Pebble Pushers we are devoted to provide an ethical design, we consider the implications of disposing untreated sewage into the ground of the utmost importance. We will ensure that the septic system as a whole is well thought of and appropriate for the customer’s needs.

Soil-based systems that have been installed at sites with inadequate soils, or at sites that had excessive slopes or high ground water tables can cause serious issues. Any of these conditions can cause hydraulic failures in the system and water resource contamination. It is critical to start with a proper design and setup to avoid problems like this. Not performing routine maintenance, such as pumping the septic tank at least every three years, can cause the migration of solids in the tank into the drain field and clog the system.

Holding Tank System

The holding tank system is used when a septic field is not an option. To have a septic field, a property must meet the regulated requirements for area and soil type. So, when the property is too small, or the soil composition incompatible, a holding tank is used.


Simply a holding tank system is just a septic tank that the water that is used in your house runs into. This includes both black and grey water. As it becomes full, it will need to be emptied by a wastewater vacuum truck. Depending on the size of the tank you have installed will depend how often this will need to be emptied, however it will need to be done several times a year if not monthly.

The holding tank can vary in size depending on what your needs are. Our trained professionals can help you decide what size of tank would best suit your needs. We will also go over with you the excavation, engineering and labor cost so that you can make an informed decision.

Pebble Pushers offers the specific septic field installation, and with proper maintenance the septic systems designed and installed by our team will last the life of the home. If you are in need of repairs to your septic system, we would be happy to sit down with you and discuss your options also.

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