Central Alberta Acreage Development Services

Pebble Pushers Gravel Co. is the best option for getting top-notch acreage development services in Central Alberta, and across Western Canada. Working on a specific property in order to achieve a specific goal, like excavating a site to build a house, or installing a dry well to manage ground water, is not a simple task. Before starting a project, it is vital to understand the characteristics of the soil and the ground water present on the land. Pebble Pushers Gravel has you covered.


Before we start, we dig test pits on the lot. This is fundamental to know what we are dealing with. Afterwards, we will discuss with you what you will need and how to proceed with the requirements necessary for your development in the best possible way.


Years of experience and the most qualified professionals have made us a top player in our industry. We offer comprehensive solutions for your acreage developmental needs.


Pebble Pushers Gravel also provides excavation expertise for preparing for house or outbuilding foundations. We also provide services for the digging of trenches for laying out pipes and other material for electrical, water lines, septic and sewage systems.


Rough Landscaping


If you have a beautiful piece of land that needs to be landscaped into your dream property, we will help you with the process from start to finish. We will work with you to create your vision for your property from providing accurate grading of the land, to the installation of ponds and retaining walls.


Driveways and Road Building


Building roads, driveways and park pads on your land requires planning and proper installation. In order to help prevent wash outs and other seasonal problems, Pebble Pushers has the know-how to provide the required grading, drainage and compaction depending on the specifics of the project.




Before putting a shovel in the ground, we will study the soil type and the water table depth on your land. We always do this first to determine a safe depth for the installation of a basement. We want to make sure that your basement does not end up having issues with flooding.


Furthermore, Pebble Pushers takes care of the rough landscaping to assure that water runs away from the building, helping to keep the basement safe and dry.


Dry Wells


A dry well is for of taking in rain water and discharging it away from the house thanks to the presence of small exit openings located in its sides and its bottom. Since Alberta receives large amounts of rain in short periods of time, Pebble Pushers Gravel can install dry wells on your property to successfully manage any run-off and ground water.


Septic Systems


Through the test pits that we dig, we will determine where the best location for your septic system will be. We will install your new system and also offer septic system maintenance.


How can we help you? Contact us today to discuss the scope of your project and all the benefits you will obtain by trusting Pebble Pushers Gravel Co.